Don’t Miss Dessert

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Don’t Miss Dessert

Gorgeous Bricklayers, hello!

As many of you know, it was my birthday recently. I was thrilled to be lavished with love and am eager to dive into this year with the Holy Spirit guiding the way.

I wrote this post a couple of years ago around the time of my birthday:

Part of my birthday celebration included dinner at a nice steakhouse with my parents and Stefan. Being that we had plans to play games and have dessert at home after dinner, I was not listening to what the server was saying when she offered a birthday dessert. Routinely at restaurant visits, I respectfully decline the dessert offer because I’m either full or I don’t want to incur a greater expense on top of the cost of the meal. I followed my regular habit and tuned her out. My mom was urging me to accept her offer, but I looked at my mom and wondered why she was encouraging me to listen to the options. I insisted and reminded my

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mom that we were going to have dessert at home. She yielded and then it hit me what had just happened.

Because this was fine dining, they do not arrive at your table with a song and candle-twinkling-dessert, but they do offer a complimentary dessert of choice for the birthday girl, then bring it to your table… and I missed it!!!!

Booohooo! To rub it in, the table across the way immediately received their hot cobbler a la mode and the guests would not stop talking about how delicious every bite tasted. My eyes were fixated on their spoonfuls of yummyness and I literally felt a tinge a pain because I missed out on something wonderful because I wasn’t paying attention. No, I didn’t let this “steal my sparkle” hahaha, or ruin my night, but I was determined to be a better LISTENER.

Are we missing great things in our present because we are so set on what is going to happen in the future? Ladies, lets not pass up the “yummyness” of what God is offering to us right now – TODAY.

In this present-mindedness, let’s also pray earnestly for Mr. Husband to be actively engaged in the present in his life as well. We desire both parties, husband and wife, to be prepared for the future because they showed up in each day living by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and LISTENING to Him in each step.

With gratitude for the “present” of the present,


Proverbs 27:1

What you think:

  1. Are you missing great things in your present because you are so set on what is going to happen in the future? How can you not pass up the “yummyness” of what God is offering to you now?
  2. What intentional steps can you make towards being “presently-minded” while preparing for tomorrow?