Let go

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Let go

Dear lovely Bricklayers,

Do you feel like you need to “get” noticed or that you need to “do” something in order to make things happen in your life? How often do we strive and try so hard to make ourselves and our lives and our environments into what we want them to be?

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In no way am I advocating for being a lump on a log. However, I am saying that we need to keep in perspective how much control God has versus the amount of “control” we have.

Take a few moments to step back and consider what you could not do “on your own” if God did not give you your very breath, brains, energy, food, shelter, friendships, family, job, beauty, salvation, hope, and on the list goes.

Sometimes I think I am more in control of my circumstances than reality truly reveals. So, how does this all tie in to praying for Mr. Husband?  Just think, most of us do not know who he is yet…. BUT God knows him more intimately than anyone.

Being that we are so dependent on God for EVERYTHING, why not pray like a dependent people?  Have you ever been in a situation where you felt lost or helpless unless someone gave you direction or instruction?

Let’s approach God with that same understanding of our true need for Him. Yes, He equips us for each day and we need to step out in faithful obedience (no one can do this for us), but always remember:

Psalm 127:1a “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain…”

By His grace we are not building in vain,


What you think:

  1. Are you striving or trying to “get” noticed? If so, how?  Today is a new day and a new opportunity to rest in God’s affirmation and reassurance.  Talk to Him and ask Him how He sees you.
  2. List all the things that you know is within God’s control and not in your own control. Read Job 38-42 and see what God’s list contains.